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Directed by Max Sohl

Age: 26 Height: 6' Weight: 160 lbs. Cock: 9.5” Cut

Scrub a dub rub… one out! TEDDY FOREST tries to clean himself up but just winds up dirty as ever. Pressure and flow are all a go! Teddy shows us his plumbing is working just fine and blasts his way into our hearts… with a massive load. Teddy has become a fan favorite and it is no wonder why with the huge fat cock he carries between his legs. We think it is even thicker towards the head than it is at the base! Teddy shows it off and slaps it on his hand so we can tell how heavy it is when rock hard. Damn man that is one hefty dick requiring two hands to get off. Happy to say with that big dick cums a big load. We count at least 9 spurts – maybe even 10! Thankfully Max Sohl had the foresight to catch the detonation from 2 different sides!

Filmed in New York.

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