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Director: Paul Morris

The ANARCOCKS are two young European punks, sex performers MASSIMO & PIERCE. I'm proud to present this group's initial porntape, ANARCOCKS: PIRATE TAPE #1.
Although this first effort has a few crudely-shot moments (lighting burn-outs, for example), these tremendously sexy and intense men take you through a complete and artful sex-tour of their passions: lots of bareback fucking, loads shot up the ass, piss-play, toys, fisting, jacking-off, rimming, head-shaving and more. I've teamed up with them to get their works - visions of unbridled sex and the unbound sex-connections among men - out to their rightful audience.
The video includes a soundtrack composed, recorded and mixed by PIERCE. Those of you who know my work know how cautious I am with soundtracks: the vast majority of porn soundtracks are so bad they ruin the video and the sex. In my opinion, however, this isn't the case here. They're different, they're intense, they're seriously exploring man-to-man sex in a fresh and creative way. Check it out - and let me know what you think. I believe you'll agree that the Anarcocks are both HOT and ADDICTIVE. - Paul Morris

Featured in Anarcocks Pirate Tape

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