Age: 30 Height: 5'11" Weight: 187 lbs. Cock 8" cut

Oh, we got a nasty one, here boys! Domingo loves being last in line at a gang bang and working up a sweat while he churns multiple loads into some slutty guy's cum oozing asshole. He also enjoys frottage.

Director: Paul Morris


Age: 34 Height" 5'11" Weight 186 lbs Cock: 8" cut

Beefcake Abraham exhibits some surprising curiosity while searching through online porn before showing off his hot hard bod and cock in what almost turns into a video personals ad. 

Director: Pony Hunter

Bilal Bagra

Age: 30 Height: 5'11 Weight: 150 lb Cock: 7.5" Uncut 

Bilal Bagra gets greased up and plugged. This boy loves his hole stretched out and prostate worked over. Anyone feel like lending a hand? It appears to do the trick judging by the load that squirts from his dick.

Director: Kenny Host


Age: 27 Height: 6' Weight: 145 lb. Cock: 7" Cut

Stoned surfer stud, Ocean blows wave after wave of cum while tugging on his fuzzy balls and jacking his meaty uncut cock.

Director: Paul Morris

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